4 Ways To Celebrate Chanukah As A Couple

Hanukkah chanukah cookies

Chanukah starts Tuesday night at sundown, and it's a perfect time to get closer to your significant other, old or new. The holiday season is the best time to connect on a deeper level, start traditions and get closer with a smattering of themed-activities. Don’t have any ideas? We’ve got plenty. It’s time to do some couple bonding, Chanukah-style.

1. Learn the traditions… together. Do you know why the holiday is celebrated for eight days? How about the story behind the rededication of the Temple of Jerusalem? Do you understand proper Menorah-lighting etiquette? We won’t be telling you the answers in this post, kids. Make it a game for you and your partner to find out. See who can become the biggest Chanukah-whiz or find out the most bizarre facts. Couples that learn together, grow together. And you know that phrase about how knowledge is power? Well, we think it's pretty sexy too! New Holiday Traditions To Start This Year

2. Snuggle up and watch some classic television. Did we really need to give you a reason to curl up together? Probably not, but we will. The holiday of Chanukah has produced some great television, so cozy up with your partner and watch some old favorites. A couple places to start: Seth Cohen’s Christmukkah escapades on The O.C. are beyond entertaining, and don’t forget Friends’ “Holiday Armadillo” episode where Ross attempts to teach his son about Chanukah tradition and ends up battling it out with Superman and Santa. One word for both: Hilarious. 

3. Play Spin the Dreidel. There’s nothing hotter than a little friendly competition, so make sure you enlist your partner to play this classic Chanukah game. And please, feel free to make your own rules. For instance, what does the winner get? It’s totally up to you, but there is definitely room to get creative. We’ll leave it at that. 4 Tips for Holiday Harmony

4. Bake some classic Chanukah dishes. Who doesn’t enjoy great food? Well, feel free to have some of the amazing Chanukah dishes after you bake them with your significant other, of course. Dig up some fabulous recipes online (we suggest The Daily Meal's recipe index), whip out your spatula and get cooking. May we recommend some festive rugelach cookies? They’re to-die-for, and not too hard to make. Even if you guys aren’t Barefoot Contessa-types, you can tackle this challenge together. It’s a lesson in problem solving, and an excuse for some fun teasing if the dough turns out completely wrong! What To Get Him? 20 Unique, Affordable Holiday Gifts He'll Love

Enjoy the season with these easy couple ideas. There is never a bad time to relax and feel the love, but the best time is during the holidays. Start tonight.

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