Social Media Addiction: Are You At Risk?

One woman fights to keep her family together despite a nasty addiction to social media.

social media addiction

Would you rather spend hours on-end tending to a fictional farm or gangstering around Facebook than being physically intimate with a spouse? While on a date are you more focused on this great Tweet you're think of than the pleasant conversation? Do you consider things that happen IRL to be "quaint"? If you answered Yes, Maybe or even No to any of these questions, you may be a social media addict. Social media addiction is a real thing and no laughing matter. It affects, probably, thousands of people. And it may be wrecking your relationships and the ability to connect with people while logged off of the world wide web.


Is @CoolMomKaren's story a little too familiar? Then maybe you should put down the Angry Birds and listen to a very angry bird @TheRealTweetsie. Learn from this family's mistakes and then share the them with your friends, who may also be suffering from the horrors social media addiction.

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