Should You Bring Twitter To The Bedroom?

woman texting behind man's back

Resist the temptation of technology; tips to check your social media habits at the bedroom door.

Remember that scene from the Sex and the City episode where Skipper picks up the phone for Miranda while he's having sex with someone else? About 15 percent of Americans would do the same. 

Technology and social media are invading our lives and, subsequently, the bedroom. In consideration of your partners and significant others, you might want to check some of your tech habits at the door when it comes to doing the deed (read: no Twitter, don't "check in" on Foursquare). Here are three signs you're crossing the technology line:

Answering your phone.  We don't even recommend picking up phone calls during a date, let alone during your most intimate moments.  Not only can taking a call kill the mood, it can be disrespectful of your partner. Avoid the urge to pick up when the phone rings; it can wait. Better yet, switch your phone to silent before things get hot and heavy.  5 Dating And Technology Rules You Need To Know

Texting. A recent study revealed that 10 percent of people under the age of 25 find it acceptable to text during sex. We say focus on the task at hand—you've only got two. Resist responding to your texts; it can indicate a lack of interest in your partner and your partner's feelings. 10 Rules For Texting And Dating

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Checking or updating your Twitter and Facebook. The same study shows that a good percentage of people think it's OK to check for updates while having sex. Unless you're dying to know who else is having sex at the moment, keep your phone further than arms length while you're with someone. Additionally, don't pull an Ashton and Demi twaux pas; trust that your partner will appreciate you kissing and not telling.