Is It Time To Break Up With Facebook?

facebook breakup
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How to break up with Facebook, Twitter and social media, for good.

While social networks evolved, ostensibly, to make keeping in touch more time-effective as well as to enable new professional connections they have clearly devolved, for many, into time-wasting, navel-gazing tools of alienation. Technology: The New Compatibility Test

Many social network users experience similar effects of overuse as substance abusers and other addicts do: compulsion to use, obsession, missing other activities to stay online, withdrawal, overdosing, negative social and personal relationship effects, you name it. Even famous celebrity oversharers Miley Cyrus and Lily Allen have called it quits.

Do you find yourself checking your Facebook newsfeed every time something takes more than 5 seconds to load at work? 

Do you spend more time on Facebook each week than you do thinking of ways to make your wife/husband happy? Facebook Manners And You

Are you sick of seeing daily reminders of your ex's new love or your old classmate's outrageously fabulous (and heavily publicized) life?

Think reading someone's tweets about their dog's bowel movements is a little bit of a waste of time? Twitter Love Lessons

Well if you think you have a problem or simply are sick of the demands of social networking, you're not alone.

USA Today recently reported on the legions of users (no, let's say people) who are quitting their networks. Citing false friendships, time waste, and self-promotion overload some people have resorting to using external services like Web 2.0 Suicide Machine to totally wipe their presences on selected sites. While Twitter, Myspace and Facebook all provide their own means of account deletion some people seem to be relishing the pomp and ceremony of an official "death." A little ironic making a public, online announcement about going private and offline but... how much can we really divorce ourselves off from the predominate means of communication? Something tells us the "suiciders" who use a public forum for their deaths will be back to some form of social media fairly soon. Is Facebook Causing Us To Cheat?

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How have social networks affected your relationships? Have you considered calling it quits?