New Couple: Vanessa Marcil And Jillian Michaels?

Okay, friends, hold onto your hats. The rumor currently scalding its way around the Internets that doesn't involve golf or Nazis is that Jillian Michaels, the mean screamy trainer lady from The Biggest Loser, and former Las Vegas actress Vanessa Marcil are having a sexy lesbian tryst. The only problem is that, sadly, it's not true.

Perez Hilton came out with the news yesterday, saying that Jillian began whipping Vanessa into shape after Vanessa gave birth to her son, Kassius, whose dad is, wait for it, Brian Austin Green. Yes, the guy from 90210 most recently seen having his name tattooed onto the nether regions of his on-and-off lady friend, Megan Fox. According to Extra, Vanessa and Jillian became "very close" after getting all sweaty and skinny together. And everyone knows that close lady friends are always doing the sexing. 7 Female Celebs We'd Like To Kiss

Also? Vanessa used to be married to Corey Feldman. How's that for hilarious celebrity hookup trivia? Yes, it was a million years ago in the '80s, because Vanessa is, very surprisingly, 42, but still? We love it when current events collide. And it took us until just now to remember that Corey Feldman is the one who's still alive. Lost Boy Corey Haim's Grieving Ex-Girlfriends

Jillian took to her Facebook yesterday to deny the rumor. "Vanessa and I are best friends," she wrote. "Have been for 7 years. She is getting married in April and I am her Maid of Honor. We are not and have never hooked up. Sorry to disappoint." Syphilis From Facebook And 6 More Silly Sex Myths

Well, damn. We were hoping to close out a dispiriting ten days of celebrity gossip with some happy lesbians. But apparently Jillian is bisexual (and in a happy relationship) and Vanessa is straight (and in a happy relationship) and they're not together. Ah, well. Maybe we'll have better lesbian luck next week.

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