Did Tiger Woods Try To Nail LeAnn Rimes?!

Leann rimes dated tiger woods

Tiger and LeAnn dated when she was 19. Dude, WTF.

Today in Weird Effing News We Didn't See Coming, Us Weekly is reporting that Tiger Woods and LeAnn Rimes dated briefly before both of them were married, but that they stopped seeing each other because LeAnn's dad, Wilbur, freaked out at the seven-year age difference. We'd like to know what else Wilbur saw in his crystal ball!

The current issue of Us is pretty well preoccupied with the Sandra BullockJesse James skank-pocalypse, but the editors did take some time out to explore the other man-whore on the block, Tiger (did you hear about skanks No. 15 and 16? Yes. Now he has one for every team left in March Madness. Maybe, à la Flavor Flav, he nicknamed the one who managed to spell all her tattoos correctly "Cornell"). A source tells Us that the golfer-turned-adulterer and the country singer–turned–same went out on a few dates before she met and married dancer Dean Sheremet, round about 2001-02. LeAnn Rimes Talks About Marrying Young

"They hooked up and everything," the source said. "Tiger was really into her. He likes those blondes!" But the romance was not to last, because LeAnn's notoriously controlling father—in 2000 she sued him and her former manager, accusing them of stealing money from her—"almost had a heart attack," according to the source, and "made her stop seeing Tiger." Tiger Woods Admits He "Let Family Down"

Bullet dodged, LeAnn. Although she went on to have a pretty checkered track record herself with regard to fidelity (hey there, Eddie Cibrian! How are the kids?), LeAnn's little dalliance has nothing on Tiger's parade of waitresses, porn stars, and other ladies not named Elin Woods. But maybe she can write a song about it. "I Was Almost One of Tiger's Slags" just sounds bluegrassy, doesn't it?

Via Us Weekly. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.