4 Ways To Improve Your Relationship Karma

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We recently stumbled upon an article at ABC.com about an unemployed woman who started dating an "ugly guy" as a way to improve her job karma. Somehow (she rationalized in her job-desperate mind) the Career Gods would look favorably upon her going on romantic dinners with someone lower on the looks totem pole and gift her that lofty six-figure position with a corner office. Sadly, she remained unemployed and was left only with a month-long pity affair with a poor man who thought he'd won the jackpot. 10 Dating Deal Breakers That Really Aren't

While we don't buy that tactic as a way to improve your job hunt, it got us thinking about possible ways to patch-up spotty relationship karma. Anyone who's spent any time dating likely has a few cold-hearted skeletons tucked neatly away in their closet. If you're anything like us, you'll think wistfully back on those sinister moments when you hop into your empty, cold bed night after night. Here are a few ways to repair the damage and get you back on track with mysterious relationship powers that be. 

1.) Break up kindly. Answer this: How would you like to be dumped? The next time you end a relationship, be it long- or short-term, do it with the compassion and kindness you'd want if the tables were turned. If asked for an explanation, be gentle but actually have the balls to tell them why you find you two are incompatible. Whatever it is, say it, but do it politely, seeing as the faults we find in others are reflections of our own. Dumped? 10 Healthy Ways To Heal

2.) Be genuinely happy for your blissfully in-love friends. When you're crabby, single, shivering in the middle of winter, with nary a date for months, it's tempting to roll your eyes and secretly fantasize about a messy breakup for all your coupled friends. Or maybe you delight in pointing out the flaws in a pal's newest squeeze, when quite honestly, they're really good for each other. Instead, have faith that your time will come soon, and the only thing preventing it are these less-than-friendly thoughts about others.

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3.) Let your friend get the guy. Next time you and your reliably single sidekick are throwing back beers with the guys, stand back and let her take the spotlight. Do both of you have your eye on the same eligible bachelor? Wonderful, let her have him, even if you swear he likes you more. Especially if you think he likes you more. Be selfless and give your fragile ego a rest for the evening. What will be will be, regardless of you attempting to make better jokes or compete about basketball knowledge. Male Take: How To Tell If A Guy Likes You

4.) Don't trash a bad date. This is a tough tip because it's such a seemingly harmless habit. After all, what's the silver lining in a terrible coffee date or lackluster (let's be real, atrocious) roll in the hay if you can't guffaw about it later with your pals? You know that silly mantra, 'don't say anything behind someone's back you wouldn't say to their face' try to employ it for once. Instead of launching onto a tale of unsightly back hair and Homer Simpson-esque beer bellies, sum it up with a simple "Great guy. Just not my type." Boring. We know. But you'll feel better afterward, and might even win some Future Relationship brownie points.