Eddie Cibrian's Ex Slashed His Tires For Revenge

eddie cibrian and leann rimes
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Brandi Glanville dragged her ex's Harleys into their messy divorce.

In case you're not aware, there has been an awful lot of cheatin' and mistreatin' going on in the celebrity world lately. And celebrity automobiles are suffering the consequences.

In addition to Tiger's Caddy (the car not the little guy who carries his golf clubs) bouncing off stationary objects (plus taking a golf clubbing), Eddie Cibrian's precious motorcycles caught the wrath of a woman scorned. Read: Tiger Woods' Wife To Face Jail Time?

According to Us Weekly, Eddie Cibrian's ex-wife, Brandi Glanville, berated the actor in front of their children, physically accosted him and gave the tires of his Harley Davidson motorbikes the old pokey-slashy treatment.

While their divorce is being handled by the lawyers (including custody arrangements), Eddie Cibrian is living in the guesthouse located on the same property as their communal home. The proximity has, evidently, created a very tense situation for the former lovers and their two small children.

Explaining her vandalism against the motorcycles, Brandi Glanville robbed us of the one joke we could make about the situation, "It was right after I found out about girl No. 2, and I had that Carrie Underwood song in my head, and I just went for it!" No word on whether she carved her name into his leather seat or took a Louisville Slugger to both headlights.

The "girl No. 2" that Brandi Glanville referenced was waitress Sheena Marie, whom Cibrian allegedly dallied with in 2006.

As you likely recall, the Eddie Cibrian saga came to a head as it was revealed that he was having an affair with his Northern Lights co-star LeAnn Rimes. The film was based on a similarly-titled novel by Nora Roberts and you know how people's blood gets boiling when Nora Roberts is involved. No word on if she plans on writing a fictionalized version of the production/ tryst for her next novel. Read: Is Eddie Cibrian Cheating On LeAnn Rimes?

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