It's Official: LeAnn Rimes And Husband Divorcing

LeAnn Rimes divorce Dean Sheremet

Well, it's official: inevitably LeAnn Rimes and husband Dean Sheremet are divorcing after their seven-year marriage in 2002 when she told InStyle magazine, "This is the guy I want to marry."

Seven years ago, he was. However over the last six months LeAnn's scandalous saga with co-star Eddie Cibrian has finally broken up both of their marriages and left their spouses reeling. Eddie and LeAnn have been caught on clandestine dates since last spring after their movie Northern Lights aired on Lifetime.

There'd been buzz of tension between LeAnn and husband Dean as far back as the spring, and in July when rumors of LeAnn and Eddie's romance hit the press, they separated. Now the divorce proceedings will be taking place in Los Angeles courts.

Friends of the couple claim the hardest part of the split will be the fact that LeAnn, 27, and Dean, 28, are "best friends" and that she hates hurting him. But Dean actually seems to be doing okay, and he's just begun attending culinary school in New York. Yesterday he tweeted, "Back to school kids, first time in 10 years."

Dean's carrying how does LeAnn want us to believe the pair is responding? LeAnn posted on her website yesterday, September 1:

After much thoughtful mutual consideration, Deane [sic] and I have agreed to move forward with dissolving our marriage. This decision was amicable and we remain committed and caring friends with great admiration for one another. Thank you so much for all of your continued love and support—it is deeply appreciated.

Amicable, eh? Right, because cheating that leads to divorce always ends in a friendly discussion between spouses. Doubt it—just ask Eddie Cibrian, 36, who filed for divorce last week leaving his wife Brandi Glanville and two young sons confused, disgusted and in the dust. Brandi Glanville has stated, "Eddie and LeAnn deserve each other.

And he's not looking back. He and LeAnn are moving forward with their relationship, seen out in public last weekend and parading their romance all over Hollywood. Celebrity Love: LeAnn Rimes Goes Public With Affair; Divorces Loom

We just can't help but think that sooner or later, this one's going to leave LeAnn feeling blue all over again... 

Scoop via People. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.