Why Pink's Husband Has A Dead Tattoo Of Her On His Arm

Pink's husband really loves her.

Why Pink's Husband Has A Dead Tattoo Of Her On His Arm Getty Images

Conventional wisdom suggests that tattooing your current love interest's face or name onto your own body is not a good idea.

If we take a walk down memory lane, most celebrities who get their now ex's name tattooed on them end up getting it removed. Take Amber Rose, Pete Davidson, Angelina Jolie, and Marc Anthony, for example. And who could forget Johnny Depp's famous "Wino Forever" tattoo?

Though getting anyone's name inked on your body forever probably isn't that great of an idea to begin with, it becomes even more of a bad idea when that tattooing is done to prove your devotion to your on-again off-again lover.


In this case, it's Carey Hart's Day of the Dead-inspired leg tattoo of Pink. 

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Way back in 2009, Hart got the infamous piece of ink done in honor of the famous singer, who he had often been quoted as deeming "the love of his life," despite their up and down relationship.


While Hart is certainly no stranger to ink (his whole body is basically covered in tattoos), this had seemed like a bit of a strange choice at the time.

Back then, Hart and Pink were very much still in their will they/won't they phase, so getting something permanent, like a rather large tattoo of the singer, didn't seem like the best idea. 

And the tattoo itself is interesting, to say the least. It's a portrait of Pink, but done in a "Day of the Dead style."


In the design, she's wearing a hat with roses on it, but instead of just your usual portrait, Pink's face has a Day of the Dead mask over it. 

However, as you can see on the motorcross star's Twitter account, he was quite excited about getting the tat.

He even tweeted to a friend, saying, “Wait til you see it in person. So insane!!!”


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Hart actually has a lot of tattoos that are devoted to his loved ones.

On the back of his neck, he has a flamed heart with his father's name in it. He also has another tattoo on his neck that contains his entire family tree, including Pink and their children.

And, luckily, Hart's giant leg tattoo of the singer turned out to be a good choice (because we can only imagine how much of a pain that one would have been to remove!) as the couple are currently going strong and are married with two adorable kids: daughter Willow, 8, and son Jameson, 2.


Just last year, the singer spoke positively about their relationship, saying, "we fight for each other.”

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted on December 14, 2009 and was updated with the latest information.