7 Gay Men Straight Women Love

Neil Patrick Harris gay men we love

Just because they like dudes doesn't mean we can't think they're totally dreamy.

Gay men and straight women have been natural allies for years, sharing relationship horror stories and top billing on popular '90s sitcoms. And now that there are so many out and proud celebrities, and such adorable ones, too, that we don't see any reason why we should limit our crushes to heterosexuals. Here are seven of our favorite famous gay men, and the reasons we love them so (yes, like that).


Neil Patrick Harris

Because he handled a public outing with grace, nonchalance, and dignity. Because he makes being a gay icon for the 21st century look easy while playing a womanizing horndog in his day job. Because he and his boyfriend are adorable. Because he always shows up for Magic Week on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. Because he's the best damn awards show host we've seen in years (our apologies, Hugh Jackman). Because he's Dr. Horrible and we have a soft spot for villains. What 'How I Met Your Mother' Teaches Us About Love

Cheyenne Jackson

The Broadway star (Aida, Xanadu, and right now, Finian's Rainbow) makes a big impression: at 6'4", he's burly and beautiful, and we hear he's also a complete sweetheart to audiences and journalists alike. "I'm in uncharted territory because based on what I look like, I get cast as the guy who gets the girl," he told The Advocate last year. "But I have a sense that the tide is changing, and I have no problem being the trailblazer. I don't know how or when it's going to manifest itself, but I think being my authentic self is going to have its rewards." Cheyenne has a recurring role on 30 Rock as a new TGS cast member, and we look forward to seeing much more of him (aside to Tina Fey: Have you seen how he looks in short-shorts and roller skates?), perhaps in his dream project, a biopic of Rock Hudson.

Ted Allen

Who doesn't love a man who can cook? The former Queer Eye for the Straight Guy food guru is also a cookbook author, contributor to Esquire, and frequent Iron Chef America judge as well as the star of his own show on the Food Network, and we have delusional fantasies of grilling with him and Bobby Flay while Ted gossips about what a prima donna Carson Kressley is. None of us are wearing pants in this fantasy, by the way. Just aprons. Men's Secret Culinary Seduction Tricks

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