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Dating super models, wedding photo eff-ups & buying his underwear.

It's Friday and Thanksgiving (T-Gives to our editor Genevieve) is right around the corner. You need a chance to put your work on the side-burner for a second and learn a thing or three about love and relationships. 

According to the bros at Asylum, there is a reason that men all seem to want to date models—according to their headline, "your odds of dating a supermodel are surprisingly good." Given a set of circumstances (rich, tall, attractive and live in NYC or Los Angeles), it's almost impossible not to date a super model. It turns out that confidence can turn a fly-over state guy into a model-dater too. Hmm. 

Over at Lemondrop, a bit of a flap over some wedding photos. No, the photographer didn't lose the film. And no, the lighting and exposure didn't get flubbed. Apparently the photog took "candids" of the bride in the middle stages of dress and posted the pics his website. The bride says it caused PTSD. Cue the lawyers! Check the rest of Lemondrop's post: there appears to be something rotten in Denmark (or New York, in this case). 

Dr. V at The Frisky has one of the greatest lists of guy sex don'ts (i.e. stuff dudes do not care for). Check it out and also keep in mind, if you're going to dirty talk, DO NOT half-ass it. Sarah Chalke's character on Scrubs is hot; her vocab is not.

A nice post from the Huffington Post's Dr. Mark Goulston. He breaks down the 10 healthy habits common amongst happy couples. I don't mean to be crass but I find it very disappointing that there are zero points of overlap between the list above from The Frisky and Dr. Goulston's. Harumph

Over at Betty Confidential, they quote a study that says that when a bloke lets his bird purchase his underpants, he feels safe and confident in their relationship. Or he thinks you're his mom. I was not familiar with this concept and am now re-evaluating every romantic relationship I've ever had. 

Em & Lo (EmAndLo.com) have asked their man panel another good one: do guys imagine if they have sex with every woman? The answers are fantastic. I like to play a game anytime I get on an airplane: Who would I like to be my wife if we crash on a tropical island? And who would be my rival in that scenario? Sorry, I'm a fan of Lost

The cat... meow… is out of the bag. Over at Glamour, they let tell us that dudes are a little nervous when getting ready for a first date too. Hence Axe Body Spray. 

My homey Simone Grant hits us with a bit of a reality check: no one can have it all. She posits that it's not just the ladies who have been mislead. Ha-ha, Ms. Grant, what about people who can sleep only four hours per night? Crap, that totally goes against Dr. Goulston's list above. OK, we're all screwed. 

Nerve has a great top ten list of Facebook dating red flags. I agree with the whole list (Sorry, I just don't get Farmville and Mafia Wars) but particularly concur with bit about poking…it is not as satisfying as I was led to believe. 

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