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When we say "it's the thought that counts," the "thought" implies more than just remembering to buy any gift at all. Let's admit that as much as we love our guys and say we'll value any gifts they get us, there's a little disappointment when the pretty package under the tree actually contains a scarf or gift card. Same goes for him, instead of a generic tie, lead buy example and buy a gift that actually suits him. We've done the dirty work for you: here are great finds for every type of guy, and for every budget. Here you'll find gifts for the tech guy, the sports guy, the artsy guy, the pop culture guy, the foodie guy and the rocker guy.

The Tech Guy

Bargain: He's got more gadgets than he knows what to do with, which means keeping them all charged is likely to crash a circuit. This streamlined charging station not only accounts for the dearth of outlets; it solves the problem of all those cords as well. A great decoration for his desk or dresser, it's form meets function with a cool look and all the charging he'll need, plus storage for all the gadgets that go with his gadgets. ($29.99,


Mid-Range: Microsoft's LifeCam is so smart you'd never know it's the first HD webcam for home use. It's got acoustic noise cancellation for the clearest of sound, face-tracking software to ensure he never goes off-screen and specialized low-light adjustments for optimum taping even in less than optimal conditions (ahem). Whether he's chatting with you from the road or filming his very own YouTube masterpiece, this is the gadget he wants. ($79.95,


Luxury: Let's be honest, the Rovio Mobile Webcam is a toy, but it's a toy that any grown geek guy will thrill to play with. It looks like some sort of futuristic robotic pet, but instead of fetching and barking it roams the house capturing video and audio that he can see and hear from his laptop, PDA or video game console. An LED headlight means even dark corners aren't off limits, and two way audio/video means he can use it for messaging as well as surveying his domain. Bizarre? Only to you...  ($229.99,



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