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11 Reasons Men Who Go To Church Make The BEST Husbands

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 You Should Absolutely Date A Church-Going Guy

When it comes to niceness, church-going guys might be the new boy next door. Sure, they get pegged as close-minded, liberal-haters but don't let the Ned Flanders and Kirk Cameron stereotypes overshadow an otherwise varied group of quality males.

Chances are, if you overlook the media image and peek into the next Sunday morning service, you'll find someone who encompasses the following qualities. Here's why all women should try dating a guy who goes to church.

1. He uses clean language.

Granted, he'll probably let slip a "frick" or a "darn," but by golly, it's a lot cuter than a slew of F-bombs.

2. He doesn't smoke, do drugs, or drink. 

More than likely, he adheres to the verse, "Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit," which means he doesn't smoke or drink. At most, he'll indulge in a quality cigar at a party or in a gin and tonic at happy hour, but you won't need to worry about cleaning him up afterward. As an added perk, he can always volunteer as the designated driver.

3. He has a high attention span.

Bring up a couple of points from an hour-long sermon and see if you're not a little bit impressed when he can discuss them in depth. Bonus points if he can connect the current sermon to the previous week's topic.

4. He's consistent.

Getting up early on Sunday mornings to hear a sermon and sing for a couple of hours takes a good amount of dedication. Of course, we're referring to the guys who attend service more often than on Christmas and Easter.

5. He's a romantic.

If he believes in God, there's a good chance he also believes in destiny. He takes dating and women so seriously that he might even pray before asking you out. If he prays often in his own time, he's probably prayed for the future love of his life — which could be you — before you even met. If adorably old-fashioned guys are your thing, look no further than the next pew over.

6. He dresses sensibly.

Since obsessing about one's outer appearance is frowned upon in the church, its culture encourages guys to look down-to-earth, if not classy. That means no Ed Hardy and no flashy, "I'm a baller"-style outfits. Expect dark jeans, a polo shirt, and a canvas bag.

7. He probably doesn't sleep around.

No need to worry as much about diseases, excess baggage, or being compared to some past conquest. You might just be the best he's ever had. Sure, he might be a borderline virgin, if not abstinent, but if you play your cards right all of that pent-up energy will count for something.

8. He puts sex on a pedestal.

If he's ever read the Song of Solomon — arguably the Good Book's most erotic piece of scripture — he probably honors an elusively spiritual aspect of sex often absent in casual encounters.

9. He's the perfect guy to bring home to your parents.

Here's a guy that says grace, has marriage on the brain, was taught to respect his elders, and acts like a well-mannered gentleman who gets along with everybody. More bonus points if he can sing "Be Thou My Vision" with Grandma.

10. He has his own friends.

Ideally, a church will foster a warm social environment. It's hard not to befriend people you see every week. If a guy attends church potlucks, Sunday afternoon sports or Bible studies, he'll have buddies to hang out with when you're out with the girls.

11. He lends a helping hand.

Very rarely will a church not have outreach activities, volunteer opportunities, or even just a need for Sunday school assistants or a set-up crew. A guy who not only belongs to, but contributes to the good of his community demonstrates a willingness to serve others before himself.