5 Sexy But Tasteful Halloween Costumes

Sexy Halloween costumes are to be expected. Here's how to keep them classy.

mad men halloween

You know the old Halloween is Slutoween adage. An annual October ritual where normal chicks indulge in their inner porn star. Hemlines rise, cleavage is pumped—a bloody prom Queen looks like something out of a fetish video and men never realized how attracted they were to Smurfette. Oh that blue skin! It's the most predictable of predictable, with many of us drifting into a lazy costume. We think: why not just put on a skanky leotard, handcuffs and cop hat? 7 Easy, Last-Minute Couples Costumes


And while, yes, Halloween is certainly an excuse to push those babies up and blow the dust off your sexy underwear as outerwear, if you want to be a bit more demure—without sacrificing sexy—then check out the below options.

1. Cleopatra: While one could certainly pick up the Playboy Mansion, pasty-and-thong version, most Cleopatra selections involve a pretty classy white dress with a cool cut that only exposes your calves and shoulders. (Never underestimate the sexiness of shoulders, ladies!) Instead of showing off your body's every crevice, you can bring that oomph up—focus on cat-eye makeup and lots of gold jewelery. The Cleopatra outfit is also classically feminine—it's seductive without trying too hard.


2. Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction: Who can deny the outright sexiness of Uma Thurman's Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction? What Mia didn't have in over-the-top cleavage, she more than made up for with a classic, black bob, sensual lips, and mischievous eyes. Wear a white shirt that cinches at the waist to accentuate your figure.

3. Rizzo from Grease: As the certified man-eater of the Grease cast, Rizzo had a certain je ne sais quoi that even a sex-i-fied Sandy in the last scenes never managed to swing. And to achieve this look all you need is a form-fitting black dress or capris, some punchy heels and a pink jacket.

4. Any of the ladies from Mad Men: We never knew how sexy repression was until we met Betty Draper. Nor did we ever fantasize about being a busty secretary until our eyes feasted on Joan Holloway. You can't go wrong with coiffed hair, a pencil skirt, and maybe some Jackie O-type accessories. Bonus points if you find some gloves that reach your elbows. The 10 Best Wives On TV

5. Beyonce in her "Bow Down" video: OK, so the full video hasn't been released yet, but a sneak peak has. Wear a sparkly black crop top and matching booty shorts. Most importantly, procure a hat with ears and a faux-diamond grill. They'll be kneeling at your feet in a second.