Fight All Of The Time? Doing THIS Will Save Your Marriage [VIDEO] is proud to introduce SpatSolver, a revolutionary electronic aid designed to cure all your relationships problems. SpatSolver is the first wearable device that continuously records the last five minutes of your conversation. Just tap, and listen! For the first time ever, couples don't have to fight over who said what. When it comes to effective communication, SpatSolver has you covered! Are you in the habit of zoning out when your spouse is speaking to you? Don't worry, SpatSolver is listening for you! SpatSolver has already helped dozens of couples navigate the tricky waters of disagreement.

"My wife and I were doing some home renovation, and, I’ll be darned if she didn't cut off my thumb," said Jim, 43, from Kentucky. "Before I started hollering at her, we used the SpatSolver and it turned out yep, I told her to cut on the left side of the blue line, but I didn't say if it was my left or her left. Luckily, we caught the thumb before it fell into the sawdust." Spat Solved!

Jan Finkle of Little Rock, Arkansas told us this story: "I wear my SpatSolvers on my earlobes—betcha didn't think of that one! The other day I realized my husband wasn't in the La-Z-Boy where he usually is. I thought 'where's that hunk-a-junk gone off to this time?' I tapped SpatSolver and listened to him say he was going to the store. I was able to call my boyfriend without having to whisper. Thanks SpatSolver!"

SpatSolver is also a fashion accessory. With its patented "clip" technology, SpatSolver can be worn as a brooch, boutonnière or hair piece. It's versatile enough for a night on the town, or an evening at home.

Similar argument resolution techniques like couples counseling are costly and time-consuming. SpatSolver is yours for the just $19.95 plus S&H. With SpatSolver, just tap, and listen! Call 1-877-298-SPAT (7728) to order your SpatSolver today for the incredible, low price of just $19.95 plus S&H. Spat Solved!