Are Usher And Rihanna Dating?

Usher divorce
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He's not quite divorced, but when did that ever stop anyone?

Usher's divorce from his wife of two years, Tameka Foster Raymond, has been pretty nasty for a while now, and now it seems the 31-year-old R&B singer is salving his wounds in the arms of everyone's arm candy of the moment, Rihanna. Last we heard, Usher had released a new single, "Papers," that sounds like it's all about his divorce, but he's refusing to sign the papers and finalize the split. Now sources tell the ever-reliable National Enquirer that he's been calling and texting 21-year-old Rihanna nonstop for the past month.

"Usher has been making moves on Rihanna and she seems to like him a lot," a source tells the rag. "He calls her at least twice a day and they text all the time—he tells her how beautiful she is and that he can't wait to show her how a woman is supposed to be treated. Usher even sends Rihanna flowers and includes a cute little quote or song-lyric message."10 Rules For Texting And Dating

Isn't it weird how anonymous gossip sources use people's names so much more often than real people do? It's like the parts of Titanic where Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio are just shrieking "Jack!" "Rose!" "JACK!" "ROOOOOOOSE!!!" at each other for a freaking hour while the ship sinks. Anyway, we are putting five dollars in an envelope now as a reward for ourselves when Rihanna hooks up with Russell Brand and/or Zombie Michael Jackson, because our rebounding RiRi is certainly working her way through the entirety of the living, single, and/or horny famous-people ranks. If any of it's true. She's denied the Justin Timberlake rumors, after all.

For Usher's part, well, there is a reason divorce lawyers advise people to be discreet when the papers haven't been signed. It makes you look like a crazy, slutty hypocrite when you accuse your soon-to-be ex of cheating and/or alienating his or her affection when you're running around pouring champagne on ladies' bums and whatnot. We're also taking issue with the bit about how he's telling Rihanna he'll treat her "how a woman is supposed to be treated." Hopefully that means better than how he's treated his ex-wife. One Essential Post-Divorce Tip

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