Usher Sings About Divorce, But Won't Finalize It


Usher says he's ready to sign the papers, so what's the hold up?

While Usher has no problem penning songs about his divorce papers, he doesn't seem too keen on actually signing them. 

On Monday, the "Confessions" singer released a new comeback single entitled "Papers." The song—in true Usher fashion—is based on his relationship fallout with soon-to-be ex-wife Tameka Raymond. The chorus goes, "I can’t deny how much I loved you / I done gave up everything I had too / As hard as it is I’m afraid I’ve gotta say, I’m ready to sign them papers.” 

In real life, however, Usher isn't as ready his lyrics proclaim him to be. According to, the R&B powerhouse is holding up divorce proceedings by not signing the divorce papers.  

“Tameka thinks that it’s ironic that 'Papers' is his comeback single when she just wants him to sign the paperwork and finalize the divorce,” said a RadarOnline source close to the couple. “The terms and conditions have been agreed on for around a month but he keeps stalling on them and she’s the one that wants to move on with her life.”

Considering Usher was the one who filed the divorce papers in the first place, we gotta wonder what's behind the delay. 

As for the song, the rest of the lyrics are rather interesting too: “I gave my heart and turned my back against the world/ Cuz you were my girl / I done near lost my mama / I done been through so much drama / I done turned into the man that I never though I’d be."

Ghastly grammar aside, does anyone else get a major whiff of major self-pity from these lyrics? Check out the rest of the song here. Whine much? 

At least Usher seems to have moved on physically. Over the past few months, he has been spotted with various women in the South of France and recently vacationed in the Dominican Republic with his flavor of the week, Def Jam music executive Grace Miguel.