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Salesmen: Perfect Boyfriends?

why to date a salesman

1. You don't have to try to meet one.

If you're single, have you often thought to yourself, "It is so hard meet a guy"? You've probably just been trying to date someone in the wrong profession. It's time to start dating salesmen! You don't have to try to find them, they'll find you.

With their cold calling expertise, these guys are not afraid to pick up the phone, dial a random number, and ask a girl out. Not sure if this stranger on the other end of the line is a person you want to go on a date with? Don't worry. He'll convince you he is just the person you've been looking for. 6 Secret Places To Meet Men

2. Every time you say no to a date, a salesman hears "YES!"

You've gone on a first date with a doctor and didn't think he was right for you. He, on the other hand, thinks he was a hit and asks for a second date. Instead of saying no, you make up a semi-elaborate excuse as to why you can't see him again. He takes the hint, realizing you're not interested, and moves on.

Tell the same story to a salesman and he hears, "YES! I do want to go on another date, but I'm just a little unwilling to commit and need you to help me figure out why I should say yes!"

Simply say "no" to a second date and the salesman hears, "YES! I do want to go on another date, but I'm just a little unwilling to commit and need you to help me figure out why I should say yes!"

Say, "I never want to see you again. This was the worst date of my life." The salesman hears, "YES! I do want to go on another date, but I'm just a little unwilling to commit and need you to help me figure out why I should say yes!"

With other guys, you've been wasting all that time and energy coming up with reasons you can't go on another date. With a salesman, you never have that problem.

3. You never have to worry about how much something costs.

Sick of going to Applebee's for a date when you wanted to go to that cute new French bistro? If you're dating a salesman, you can take his own strategies and use them against him.

If he says anything is a little too pricey, you can say, "That's exactly why I proposed it! It will really save you money over time."

4. You never have to worry about him calling you back.

So many guys say they'll call back, then you spend night after night waiting by the phone, hoping for a message, cursing your phone for its poor reception, etc.

With a salesman, wipe that fear from your mind. He will not only call you back the next day, he'll call you back three to four times the next day. He'll send a satisfaction survey and a few brochures detailing why he's a good fit for your life. Why Didn't He Call Back? Find Out Now

5. A second date has been scheduled before you've agreed to a first.

With a salesman, there is no reason to worry about whether he'll want to take you on a second date.

You're talking on the phone with a salesman, trying to get to know him, considering going out on a date. You think he's going to ask what you're doing the upcoming weekend for a first date. Suddenly, before you know it he's already told you the date, time, place and activity of date number two. Eventually he loops back around to the first date, but you hang up quite confused. But hey, you've already got two dates!

How does he know how to do this? He's been trained to "always be closing"…even if that is an off-putting strategy.

6. He'll get to know all your friends really well.

With so many guys, you wish they would want to meet your friends. You hope they'll get to know each other, get along. Every time, though, you've been left disappointed. That's because you haven't been dating a salesman!

A salesman won't just be nice to your friends, he'll get their phone numbers and e-mails. He'll call them to check in and see if they need anything. He'll work hard to build a rapport and establish trust.

Because for a salesman, your friends aren't just your friends, they're potential clients! Your relationship has offered him an opportunity to build his pipeline and your referral is like gold. It's a win for you and a win for him! 3 Tips For Introducing Boyfriend To Friends

7. You don't need to try to brush him off. (It won't do any good).

You may think you can brush off a guy you don't like. But why waste all that effort if you don't have to? You can try to tell a salesman, "Yeah, I guess you can call me sometime," and then plan not to answer the phone. But he knows how to avoid the brush off. How To Break Up With A Man: Don't Be Ambiguous

8. He'll never forget anything about you. Ever.

Sick of dating guys that can't remember your birthday? Did your anniversary come and go without even so much as a rose? Dump your underperformer.

Salesmen have to keep track of countless contacts. They use advanced Customer Relationship Management systems to know when they last called and get reminders for when they should call again. They keep track of important dates and never forget to follow-up.

Written by Zac Frank for Excelle.

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