Why Didn't He Call Back? Find Out Now


Every woman has been there once in her life.  You thought you had a great date, that you made a connection, that he would be calling to set up a second date.  Then . . . nothing.  No call, no e-mail, no text.  You ask yourself, "What did I do wrong?  Why didn't he call back?"  

Well, prepare yourself for the answer to that age-old question.  Dating expert Rachel Greenwald sat down with YourTango to talk about her book Have Him at Hello: Confessions from 1,000 Guys About What Makes Them Fall in Love . . . Or Never Call Back (Old title: Why He Didn't Call Back). Rachel really knows her stuff, so sit back and watch this five-part series for some insight into the male psyche.  When you're finished, make sure to check more articles from Rachel including a quiz that will help you discover why that guy didn't call YOU back, a review of her book, and an essay about meeting The One. 

Part 1: The Number One Reason Why He Didn't Call Back
Dating expert Rachel Greenwald discusses her new book, "Why He Didn't Call Back."
Part 2: Three More Reasons He Didn't Call You Back
Part two of our five-part interview series with Rachel Greenwald.
Part 3: How To Get Him To Call You Back
Want to make sure there's a second date? Follow these tips.
Part 4: The Most Outrageous Reasons He Didn't Call Back
Sometimes there's a good reason he didn't call you back.
Part 5: Why He Didn't Call You Back: LIVE!
Author Rachel Greenwald answers audience questions in the final episode of this series.

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