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About Dr. Diana Kirschner

Hi! I’m Dr. Diana Kirschner, a master dating coach. You may have seen me as a relationship expert on The Today Show, on the Fox Morning Show where I successfully ran the 90 Day Love Challenge, or my own Amazon Prime TV Special, Love in 90 Days.  And many of you have read my best-selling dating advice book, Love in 90 Days: The Essential Guide to Finding Your Own True Love. This is the book that Hoda Kotb of The Today Show used and praised to find her Beloved, along with 10s of thousands of other women!

I am overjoyed to tell you I discovered precious secrets about dating & relationships that allowed me to create love beyond my wildest dreams!  True love actually exists and it can last for a lifetime! I mean with the hot sexy in-love parts still going strong. There’s  serious research on this topic that’s been done all over the world with tens of thousands of couples. There are even brain-imaging studies of happy couples who’ve been together over 20 years!

My life’s work has been to study the research findings and apply them in real life with clients, students and with the many therapists and coaches I’ve trained. I've used all the research and thousands of hours of clinical practice to create a unique approach to dating and love that really works. The result: I have helped 10s of thousands of single women find lasting love. Now it can happen for you.

Love Mentoring

Inspired by my gratitude for my amazing Love Mentor™ who helped me stop to settling for crumbs & my ongoing love story with my own amazing husband, I am on a mission: to connect women all over the world with FREE profoundly helpful Love Mentor™ coaching so that they can create the love relationship of their dreams.

I am thrilled to tell you I have hand-selected awesome, expert coaches I personally supervise them so you get highly specialized one-on-one dating coaching and love mentoring™ (by phone or Skype) for free!

You can read about Robin's success working with a Love Mentor™ here!

Now you can have your very own caring, devoted and knowledgeable Love Mentor™ who gives you inspiration, support, and the most powerful dating tips and relationship advice. To help you find the love of your life and make your deepest dreams come true. The best news is, right now, as we kick off the Love Mentor™ Coaching we can give you an introductory 40 minute, one-on-one personalized session for free.

Because I want everyone to be able to have this incredible gift; the kind of gift that has completely transformed my life. CLICK HERE to schedule your own free, 40-minute, one-on-one personal love mentoring™ session. We meet with clients by phone or Skype and would love to share your journey.

I welcome you to partake in the heart-centered phenomenon that is bringing love to women all over the world.

With love & gratitude,

Dr. Diana


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