6 Quick Pick-Me-Ups For A Glum Guy

We have a fantastic list of 101 really easy things you can do to improve your relationship (Read: 101 Ways To Improve Your Relationship Right Now). Please have a look at it and do those things. You and yours will be between very happy with the results. But sometimes your dude may need a pick-me-up rather than a bit of relationships maintenance. Here are six quick (non-sexual, because AM Delight is not always an option) things you can do for your dude if he's feeling a little blue.

  1. Fake Haircut. There comes a time in every man's life when he needs a haircut but only to clean the hair from the back of his neck. Unfortunately, the angles are not great for doing it solo. Hook a brother up. Peter Griffin says that if you shave a man's back for him, he will purr like a walrus. This may be a close second. Read: Waxing Poetic About Waxing My Back
  2. Plain White Socks. Seriously, that's it. Changing into a pair of clean ones, like getting slipped a finski, can really change a guy's attitude.
  3. Hot  Face Towel. While you may get a nice hot towel while riding in the rich-people section of an airplane or eating sophisticated Japanese food, we get this treatment when attending a barbershop. The barber, with little warning, will wrap a piping hot towel around our faces after a haircut… it's glorious.
  4. Scratchy, Meet Itchy. Men, being the hirsute gender, have a tendency to itch and it's nice to get a quick back scratch when life isn't going your way. The head scratch is pretty nice too and makes me wonder if Phrenologists were onto something. We can scratch our asses on our own, please look away.
  5. Gold Bond Powder. Don't ask, just know that this powder may have healing powers to rival Greek Windex and may solve what's grinding his gears.
  6. Beer In The Shower. For some reason, a cold beer in a hot shower just tastes better. It may seem a little low-rent but that's not really an issue for me. Be sure to use cans, when possible. It prevents a nice gesture from turning into a trip to the emergency room.

Holler with your home remedies for a down-in-the-mouth dude.