Michelle Obama's Silent Treatment For Prez Flirts

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Barack Obama was a ladies' man on campaign trail, says new Christopher Andersen book.

According to the blog Taragana, a new book by Christopher Andersen—Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage—suggests that Barack dealt regularly with women who pursued him right under Michelle's nose. Among their reported pursuits? Pushing their bodies up against Barack's, slipping their phone numbers into his pocket and whispering raunchy suggestions into his ear.

How did Mr. Obama respond? Actually not too keenly. The New York Post quotes Andersen's book as stating, “On more than one occasion, Barack tried not to look startled when some random woman in the crowd would grasp him firmly by the derriere—and sometimes try to hold on." Barack is even quoted as once having said, "I wish they’d stop grabbing my ass.” Celebrity Love: Obama Caught Admiring 16-year-old's Booty

Apparently Michelle Obama wished the same thing. Andersen's book quotes her as saying, “...I want to tell these women, ‘Back off. Get a life.’ It’s just embarrassing, that’s all.” Another time Michelle reportedly said, "He's loving [the flirting]...he's a man, isn't he?" Andersen says that at one point she grew infuriated and stopped talking to Barack.

Then there was Vera Baker. Andersen refers to her as "an attractive young African-American woman [working for the Obama campaign]" whom Barack "had grown close to." When Vera Baker suddenly disappeared to the Carribean, speculations suggested that Michelle had sent her there.

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