Obama Caught Admiring 16-year-old's Booty

barack obama checking out girl butt

Barack Obama is President of the United States of America. Barack Obama is a world leader. Barack Obama is a visionary.

Barack Obama...is a butt man.

A startling photo captured at yesterday's G8 summit in Italy exposes an unknown insight about our President: he likes a little junk in the trunk. According to Think Fashion, Obama was caught on film in a shot that makes it look like he was looking at the Brazilian behind of Mayara Tavares, a 16-year-old high school student from outside Rio de Janeiro. Mayara was one of 54 student participants in this week's Junior8 summit outside Rome and is apparently known for being a superstar student and leader in her community.

So Barack's a gawker, huh? He's not alone. One of our favorite nuances about the photo is the he-he-he-dirty-old-pervert smirk on French president Nicolas Sarkozy's face as he too appears to gaze in admiration at the lovely specimen of female flesh in front of him. America and France are in an upheaval this morning as critics and supporters of the two leaders exchange fightin'-word online comments over what was really going on in the photo.

One witness suggests Obama was looking at something he had dropped on the floor and that innocent Mayara was in fact nowhere within his line of vision. Perhaps. On the other hand, maybe this is our first indication in Obama's presidency that he's something very few of us have suspected: just a normal guy. Obama's Greatest PDA Moments

Photo courtesy Bauer Griffin.