13 Reasons Women Turn Down A Second Date

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Don't get grabby, have manners, make eye contact and 10 other first-date tips from women.

In the dating world especially, first impressions are lasting ones. So it's always rough when you thought you wooed a dude and he never calls you again. Sigh. Luckily, this week, one of our Frisky gentlemen clued us in to the 10 Reasons He Didn't Ask You Out On A Second Date. Eye opening, am I right, ladies?! While cell phone shenanigans, a lack of physical attraction, talking too much about yourself, and blatant pre-date lies definitely apply to both genders, there are some specific reasons for why a gal won't give a guy the time of day again. Here are some reasons why she isn't going to come back for round two.

1. You're Way Too Into Me: We're all nervous about being liked on a first date, but it's even worse when the dude is proposing before the bread basket has arrived. Too much too fast makes me want to put on the brakes. You have to give me the chance to get to know you before I'm willing to say you're entitled to 50% of my bobble head collection.

2. You Got Too Drunk: Alcohol can help relax the initial first-date jitters. However, you shouldn't get all Wiley McWasted. Slurring isn't sexy.

3. You Got Grabby: This often goes hand in hand with #2, but before I let my guard down (aka get naked), I want to get the sense that you respect me. If you're already pawing at my butt and we haven't even kissed yet, I reserve the right to use my ninja moves on you. Try pinching me with a cast! The Frisky: 13 Things Men Don't Understand About Women's Bodies

4. Bad Table Manners: A friend of mine once went out with a dude who dunked his finger in his drink and then sucked the liquid off. Um, YUCK! Needless to say, there was no date #2. The Frisky: The comedy of online dating in an original video series

5. You Didn't Offer To Buy My First Drink: As a working girl, I'm all for going Dutch. Dinner is one thing, but if you invite me to meet you at a bar and you don't try to get me one drink, you're a cheapskate. How can we get this romance started if you're not even willing to ask me what I want from a simple bar menu?

6. You Twittered In My Presence: Everybody Twitters sometime, but Twittering while we're on our first date? Can't those 140 characters wait? Or am I boring you?  Or are you writing that you're having a bad time? That update just opened a Pandora's Box of insecurities.

7. No Eye Contact: I can't trust you if you can't look me in the eyes. Even if it's just from nerves, I don't know if you're anxious or a serial killer. Either way, you're showing a serious lack of confidence. The Frisky: 21 Guys We're Ashamed To Say We'd Totally Screw


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