All Women Are Prostitutes. Seriously?

overweight gold digger

Good news, bad news, non-news time.

First, the good news/bad news. A survey by dating site stated that 90 percent of women polled felt that men couldn't see past women being a little heavy. But the dudes surveyed overwhelmingly thought bigger can be beautiful—85 percent appreciated a bit of something to grab onto. Roughly 54 percent of the husky-hunters felt that curvier gals were better in bed. Echoing decades of locker room sentiment, 80 percent of the questioned men felt that larger women would be more appreciative of attention and generally less bee-otch-y than their svelte counterparts. Hmm. (It should be noted that 87 percent of the women surveyed feel safer with a "bigger guy," which means we've found exactly one "advantage" of big guy-edness spoken of in the Comfort Wipe info-tisement.) Read: What A Man Sees When You're Naked

And now the non-news; it's not all cream cheese and Alfredo sauce up in here. Because Ashley Dupre thinks that females, in general, have whorish tendencies. You may recall Ashley Dupre was the young lady who was caught turning tricks with old Governor Eliot Spitzer. Though Spitzer has landed a job teaching at New York's City College, someone in the tabloid media decided to stir up the hornet's nest about a possible run for Senate or New York Comptroller by the disgraced pointy-chinned fellow. This, in turn, led Ashley Dupre to blog it up, and for the New York Post to cover said ruminations as if it was news.

The former call girl from New Jersey feels that any criticism of her old profession (the oldest profession, some say) is tantamount to hypocrisy because all women like nice things. And plenty of members of the fairer sex don't mind having a guy whom they're not particularly attracted to take care of them. And some of these women even live in New York City. I'm in favor of legalizing and regulating prostitution and really don't mind that Ashley Dupre too much, but let's be real: accepting money for sex makes someone a prostitute; liking nice things makes one trophy wife or kept woman or gold digger, at worst. Tales Of A Reluctant Trophy Wife

In summary, though part of the foundation of this so-called "society" of ours is based on the fact that successful men have their pick of ladies, there is a relatively thick line between it being just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as a poor man and literally prostituting one's self. And it turns out that some guys choose a curvy gal… because she should be more eager to please. So, um, have fun dating, ladies.