Nicole Richie Mourning Ex DJ AM

Pregnant Nicole devastated by former fiance's death.

Nicole Richie Harlow Madden

Nicole Richie is devastated by the sudden death of her former fiancé, DJ AM, Star reports, and her family is worried that her grief might cause her to go into labor. Nicole's second child with boyfriend Joel Madden is due any day, and when she heard about Adam Goldstein's death, she "almost collapsed in grief," and her extreme reaction caused Joel to wonder if she still has feelings for Adam.

Nicole and Adam dated for two years and were planning to marry before they broke up in 2005. When she heard of his death, a friend tells The National Enquirer, "She broke down, cried uncontrollably and thought that she was having contractions. She was devastated to think that Adam's life came to such a terrible end after his years struggling to stay sober." 8 Celebrities Whose Deaths Left Mourning Exes


Nicole's doctor made a house call, according to Star, to check that everything with the baby was okay. But unfortunately, Nicole's grief-stricken reaction (which isn't even really that extreme if you've spent any time around ladies in their eight month of pregnancy), caused Joel to demand, "Were you still in love with him?" according to the Enquirer. We really hope that's not true, because it's a terrible thing to say to anyone, much less the mother of your children.

Nicole struggled with heroin addiction during her relationship with Adam, and friends say the two supported each other in recovery and in staying sober. Star reports that Nicole thinks she didn't do enough to reach out to Adam after the 2008 plane crash and in recent weeks, being, understandably, preoccupied with a toddler and a pregnancy. Nicole and Joel attended Adam's funeral in Los Angeles yesterday along with Joel's brother Benji and plane crash survivor Travis Barker. Another memorial service will be held tonight at the Hollywood Palladium.


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