Are Sex Tapes Good For Relationships?

E! Online thinks so. And they're quickly convincing us.

sex tape

We'll come right out and say it: the Hollywood sex tape—once a delectable peek into the naked time of your favorite star —is (very) quickly becoming a tired cliche. Everywhere you turn these days there's a leaked "whoops! Look at my boobs" tweet or a grainy film of someone cavorting about without clothes. Sex Tapes Of Carla Bruni Stolen, May Sell

While we wade through Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart and that Kari Anne Peniche's lawyers' statements trying ardently to wriggle them out of this mess, it's always nice to revel in a silver lining. Can Sex Sell... Abstinence?


Could sex tapes actually be good for you?

E! Online's Counterpunch column says "yes." God bless 'em.

Proving that Hollywood and its actors are a big joke, Counterpunch says sex tapes boost the careers of their stars, because it's actually a part on camera! It's a tough town and not everyone can find work. A sex tape all but assures a starring role. It's a think-outside-the-box audition tape.

"Look no further than Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian," Steve Javors, editor-in-chief of the adult-industry trade magazine XBIZ Premiere, told E! in an email. "Sex tapes have been proven to provide a significant career boost."


But let's say you're just a school teacher in Nebraska and your husband is an accountant—do sex tapes have their benefits then? Or is this only a hobby for the rich, famous and genetically gifted?

"There are many, many benefits," Sex Drive Radio's Ava Cadell assured us. "You're living out a fantasy together. You're expanding your sexual horizons. You're adding playfulness...It just opens a whole avenue of escape. I suggest it to my clients."

Well, there you have it. Who needs couples therapy when you have a sex tape. Readers, would you ever make a sex tape?