The Reggie Bush And Kim Kardashian Breakup

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Sometimes love just ain't enough. Per Us Weekly, Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are no longer an item.

The couple had many of the same issues that other high profile couples do. Namely, conflicting schedules, extended time apart and different career paths and goals make a relationship difficult to maintain. Though they made an earnest go of it the last two years, it just wasn't right. This probably means they're definitely not engaged.

While Reggie Bush, a Heisman trophy winner, has extended his personal brand beyond the football field, you have to wonder if some part of Kim Kardashian's very public life was ever a problem. While his face is famous enough that fans would likely recognize him wherever they may go, she is (intentionally or not) a paparazzi magnet and the reason that her family is featured in the unscripted show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Part of her rise to fame was in fact due to the "leaking" of a very intimate tape with R & B singer Ray J. She also was one of the first contestants voted off of Dancing With The Stars despite having a previous winner as a dance partner. Not something an athlete would likely feel much sympathy for.  

And living with Reggie Bush may not have been a barrel of monkeys either. In his three years in the NFL, the versatile star has had two major knee injuries and not quite lived up to expectations. On top of that, there are serious accusations leveled against Bush regarding accepting illegal monies while a student-athlete at USC.  Not exactly dog fighting, but probably headaches nonetheless.

Maybe these guys will work it out at a later date. If anyone could, you'd think that two people nicknamed "The Tush" and "Baby Matrix" would be able to figure it out one day. And since the couple contends that infidelity was not part of the breakup calculus, perhaps they will.

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