World's Sexiest Hotel Bathrooms

World's Sexiest Hotel Bathrooms

Decked-out hotel bathrooms make the bedroom but an afterthought.

In some hotels, couples find it hard to get out from between the sheets. But at Skylofts, the boutique hotel atop Las Vegas's MGM Grand (, you'll make even better memories in the bathroom.

Its centerpiece is an oversized, infinity-edge, 32-inch-deep tub with "champagne" bubbles and water that lights up in a rainbow of hues. (If you've never splashed neck-deep in water merrily spilling over the tub's edges, it is fun.) Play with multiple wall jets and a handheld wand in your walk-in shower/steam room, or get wet with simulated waterfalls and rain showers. A remote control lets you adjust temperature, set mood lighting, and create a customized music/video library, if you should want to watch HDTV (embedded in a mirror facing the tub) while you come clean.

If you like, a "spa butler" will draw your bath, add scented salts, then discreetly depart, leaving behind flickering candles and chilled champagne. You can later arrange for a "dream butler" to deliver your choice of pillows and an herbal tea nightcap for sweet slumber. As if anyone will be sleeping.

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1. Everything at Calistoga Ranch, nestled in a private canyon in California's Napa Valley, is designed to blend with nature. That includes your bathroom, which opens out to an enclosed private garden with a shower, from which you can hear the creek gurgle and sparrows sing. 800-942-4220;

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