Survey: Men Take Commitment VERY Seriously

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For guys, marriage is as scary as sharks.

It's been said that men fear commitment. And that may be understating the case drastically. According to our homies over at Lemondrop, when asked to list things they are afraid of sharks just edged out proposing marriage in terms of things that men fear. (Word to the wise, the Lemondrop post had a few other interesting tidbits that you should check out.)

Since Velociraptors and Tyrannosaurus Rexes went the way of the dinosaur, the scariest creature on the face of the Earth is the shark (followed closely by the tiger, with the hippopotamus and werewolf tied for a distant third). Read: Dudes Not Really Afraid Of Commitment

So, what does that say about perceptions regarding marriage, that dudes are nearly as afraid of  getting married as they are of being eaten by a shark? When Hollywood needs a reckless killing machine to scare the Helsinki out of moviegoers, they send in the sharks. Jaws nearly closed every beach on Earth. Deep Blue Sea saw badass Samuel L Jackson being stalked and then eaten by "a f*cking shark." Some people thought Open Water was the next coming of The Blair Witch Project because of the circling sharks. And even the Jessica Alba and Paul Walker in bathing suits vehicle, Into The Blue, had some scary shark-eating-human-face action to add to the suspense.

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