Man More Complicated Than Previously Thought

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It turns out that men do have nuance. Whoda thunk it?

You know that old chestnut about men being pretty simple? It turns out that it's not so true. They (men) like to eat, poop, sex, sleep and watch sporting events (in an ideal world, all at the same time). But not all men like all of those thing (or any for that matter). Go figs, right?

Scouring the interwebs the last day or so, I've discovered that men can't be totally pigeon-holed into anything regarding preferences or even gender roles. It's a brave, new, scary world out there.

Here are six myths about men that the web has recently dispelled:

Men don't like cats. Cat's are not man's best friend. There's some psychic connection between women (particularly older women) and cats that men just don't get, right? Apparently not the case. Lost Plum runs through the scenarios in which a heterosexual dude may have come to own a cat.

Men fight wars while women tend to the little ones. Guys protect and hunt (sometimes Al Qaeda) and women gather and see to the home front. This is no longer the case, YourTango writes about stay-at-home dads with wives at war. Surprisingly, no mention of any of John Cusack's recent stay-at-home dad with wife-at-war films.

Handsome guys have it made. There are few genuinely handsome guys; life must be a breeze. Per, good-looking men create less sperm (anyone see Woody Allen's version of Casino Royale?). Good luck repopulating the Earth with your chiseled features and well-defined abs, bub.

Guys who go to pickup seminars are Fredos, yutzes, nerds, jerks or some combination of the four. Seriously, is illusionary magic taught by men in fur hats really the answer? According to Lemondrop, a recent seminar featured some nice guys who were not bad looking and some pretty reasonable advice… but it cost $3,000, meaning even guys with disposable income can use a confidence boost.

Guys hate drama. Men do not care for gossip or anything that involves intrigue, hysterics or infighting. But, per The Frisky, lots of men love dating the crazies. Maybe the stress makes them feel alive. If you think this may be the case, feel free to not save the drama for mama. 

Guys like receiving oral sex. Yep, every guy likes head. No two ways about it. Except, according to Em & Lo (, some guys don't. For some guys, it's "OK" ("fine, I'll have a blow job, ho-hum"). And some men flat-out deplore fellatio. This must be what they mean by "it takes all kinds." Read: 10 Oral Sex Tips From A Man

We men need something to bind us (One ring, perhaps). Instead we can bond over the fact that, according to science, we mostly agree on what's attractive and what is not:Read: Women Don't Agree On Who's Hot, While Men Do

Any other man myths out there that need righting?