Top 4 Hollywood Orgasm Scenes

Whether they be blood-pumping or hilarious, these orgasm scenes made us crave the real thing.

hollywood orgasm

If you haven't already heard, Katherine Heigl gives an Oscar-worthy orgasm in her upcoming movie The Ugly Truth. Granted, it's an orgasm Heigl has with herself (and a pair of vibrating panties may we add), but we can assure you no red-blooded, male viewers will be disappointed. Heigl does wide-eyed and glistening quite well. In fact, when done correctly, Hollywood sex scenes can give you the urge to hightail it to the theatre bathroom for a quickie. We'll go so far as to say we blame Hollywood for any and all of our sexual let-downs. Hell, we're still holding out for the kind of sex Brad Pitt and Geena Davis have in Thelma and Louise. Maybe one of these days... Orgasm For An Hour (Yes, We're Serious)


So in celebration of the silver screen's sex scenes, we've scratched the horny inner corners of our minds to round up our favorite orgasm scenes of all time.

1.) When Harry Met Sally

Who can forget when Sally (Meg Ryan) puts the cocky Harry (Billy Crystal) in his place. Harry claims no women he's slept with has faked an orgasm. Like many (out of touch, ignorantly blissful) men, he claims he can just tell. He's just that good. Without missing a beat, Sally throws her head back in ecstasy and simulates an honest to God pretty hot climax. Right there in a diner with her sandwich (and the restaurant) as an audience. Brilliant.


2.) Titanic

While we weren't given the treat of Leonardo DiCaprio's O-face (blasted!), it's more about what we don't see that gets us going. Kate Winslet's Rose and Leo's Jack inhabit a steamed car, and the only clue to how hot it is? A sweaty palm smacked against the window.

3.) There's Something About Mary

Few masturbation scenes have nailed it so hilariously (except do grown men actually jerk it to catalogs?!). Stiller's cross-eyed, where-did- my-cum-go confusion and Diaz's doe-eyed discovery of said cum is seared in our memory. Forever.

4.) Boogie Nights

This movie made us fall in love with Mark Wahlberg all over again. And we didn't think we could ever learn to love him more than we did during his Calvin Klein days. Never, ever. Anyway, there was just something about the innocent (well-hung) and pure (sculpted) way he gave it to Julianne Moore that just did it for us. We're not sure what it was. We just can't put our finger on it...


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