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Michael Jackson's Lovelife: A Timeline

Michael Jackson singing

With 39 years of stardom, five #1 hit albums, three children, two wives and more tabloid coverage than we can count, Michael Jackson's legacy on the music industry and the world will live on for many years to come. However, despite being an enduring sex symbol since he was a member of the Jackson 5, the recently-departed Jackson had only a handful of romantic relationships throughout his life. Michael Jackson: The First Man I Ever Loved

Brooke Shields (1984). Jackson and actress/model Brooke Shields had a brief, but well-publicized relationship in 1984.

Madonna (1991). Whether it was a one-night stand or something else, the King of Pop and the Material Girl raised eye brows when they showed up at the Grammys together in 1991. Published reports at the time said while the entered and left together, both were more interested in other people than each other. However, that didn't spark a media frenzy. Michael Jackson's Greatest Love Songs

Lisa Marie Presley (1994-96). Presley became Jackson's first wife in 1994. Originally meeting when they were children, their whirlwind romance last only four months before the couple married. Presley supported Jackson through rough times in his life—including accusations of child-molestation and drug addiction. Presley helped persuade Jackson to settled the molestation accusations out of court and to enter drug rehabilitation. The couple appeared at the 1994 MTV Video Music Awards, sharing a kiss on stage. They divorced in 1996, but remained on friendly terms. Michael Jackson's Ex Wives Mourn His Passing

Debbie Rowe (1996-99). Rowe was Jackson's dermatological nurse in the 1980s helping treat his vitiligo—the condition that significantly lightened Jackson's skin. As his nurse, Rowe became a source of emotional support for Jackson and a confidant. The relationship didn't turn physical until 1996. Originally, the couple didn't plan to marry, but when Rowe became pregnant with Jackson's child, Michael Joesph Jackson Jr. (or Prince), Jackson's mother convinced the couple to marry. Rowe also gave birth to Jackson's second child—daughter Paris Michael Katherine Jackson—Rowe and Jackson divorced in 1999, and Rowe turned over parental rights to Jackson. In 2006, Jackson and Rowe began to share custody of Prince and Paris. Michael's Kids: Who Gets Custody?

Since Jackson's split from Rowe, there haven't been any publicly known women in his life. However, in 2002 Jackson announced the birth of his third child—son Prince Michael Jackson II (or Blanket). Blanket had been carried by an anonymous surrogate in Europe.