Michael Jackson's Ex-Wives Mourn His Passing

michael jackson lisa marie presley

Less than three hours after Michael Jackson's death was announced yesterday, Lisa Marie Presley filed a statement published by DigitalSpy.com saying she was "so very sad and confused with every emotion possible." She said his children were "everything" to him and that she was "heartbroken" for their loss.  

Considering Lisa Marie's uber-loyalty to Michael since their split in 1996, the heartfelt statement comes as no suprise. She and Michael married in 1994 after a, well, odd courtship, decades after she first met him backstage at his concert when she was seven.  Their adult relationship progressed at lightning-fast speed, and after four months he reportedly proposed to her over the phone. She claimed their marriage was "sexually active" and stood by him through his reported drug addiction and the infamous accusations of his improper relationships with children, but 16 months after their wedding, Lisa Marie filed for divorce. All accounts suggest they remained pals after it was final.

Meanwhile, Debbie Rowe's reaction to news of the death of the father of her two children is that she was "inconsolable." Rowe is a co-animal lover and former dermatology nurse who met Michael during what she refers to as treatments for his skin disorders.  The two wed less than a year after MJ's divorce from Lisa Marie and just a few months after Debbie became pregnant with their artificially-inseminated son Prince Michael (now 12). They had daughter Paris Michael Katherine (named for the city in which she was conceived, also artificially), now 11, and divorced shortly after. (Jackson's third child Michael, 7, was mothered by an anonymous surrogate). Michael maintained full custody of the kids, but he and Debbie stayed friends. Adoption Or IVF: Do We Have To Decide?

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