Chace Crawford Has A New Girlfriend

Chace’s co-stars set him up with a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.

Chace Crawford has new girlfriend!
Life on the set of Gossip Girl really does seem to imitate art. For starters, the characters Serena (Blake Lively) and Dan (Penn Bagdley) may be no more on the show but their real life alter egos Blake and Penn have shown no signs of cooling off their long time romance off camera. Then there’s good old Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) who had a brief fling with Vanessa (Jessica Szhor). Well, things went south on the show but Ed and Jessica took that on-screen heat to fuel their real life relationship. And there's good old Nate (Chace Crawford). . . he’s dated everyone from Lil J (Taylor Momsen) to Vanessa to Blair Waldrof (Leighton Meester) yet ended the season completely single.  Which Gossip Guy Would You Date?
So, what’s going on with Chace's love life off-screen? Like Nate, he's a ladies man who never seems to go long without a date. He even dated his much younger co-star Taylor for a brief moment. Well, according to the National Enquirer, now that Ed (Chace’s best friend in real life and on the show) has settled down—they haven't been hanging out as much as they used to. Sources say that Chace was feeling a little lonely so, Ed and Jessica took it upon themselves to set Chace up with Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Esti Ginsburg. Talk about good friends!
And so far things seem to be going strong for Chace and Esti. They're even co-starring in the upcoming movie Twelve, about a teenage drug dealer. But, there are doubts that Chace has the ability to really make a commitment to Esti—or any one girl for that matter. Sources say that even though he claims he wanted a girlfriend, no one really thinks they're going to last. It's not like Chace hasn't committed before. He did have a long term relationship with Carrie Underwood.
We'll see what happens.  It just takes one girl to sweep even the most raging ladies man off his feet. We have faith that Chace can make it happen.
Photo courtesy of Splash News.