Taylor Hearts Chace Off-Camera

Taylor Hearts Chace Off-Camera

Looks like there might be a new workplace hookup on Gossip Girl.

If you like to hook up with your co-workers, you might want to try to get a job on the set of the really, really good-looking cast of CW’s Gossip Girl. Page Six reports that Chace Crawford and Taylor Momsen might be the next cast off-screen/on-screen couple. A spy allegedly spotted the gorgeous twosome sneaking off into a corner at the cast’s holiday party at New York hotspot Haven and caught them kissing.  Chace’s people deny the story.

This is quite a trend among the hot cast, with Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr caught kissing in an airport on the way back from Thanksgiving and on-screen star-crossed lovers Blake Lively and Penn Badgley going strong after dating for some time.  It does not exactly appear that the producers are discouraging the off-screen match-ups and some say that the couples are publicity stunts.  Personally, I think that if you are a hot young thing and you are surrounded by hot young things, nature takes its course.

This does bring up the topic of workplace romances.It is a tricky thing to date someone you work with.  Whether you work on a television shoot or your love interest works two cubicles away from you, there are some rules to heed when you decide to give the interoffice romance a try:

First and most important: do not under any circumstances date up or down the direct food chain.  This means if you are the boss, do not even think about hitting on someone who works under you.  If this means you have a crush on your boss, ask for a transfer before asking for a date.

Second, if you do it, keep it out of the office.  Nothing gives vindictive or nosy co-workers more ammo than knowing that you might be getting busy in the supply closet during your lunch hour.  Make sure you arrive and depart separately and keep the details about your relationship between the two of you and possibly your one best friend who you know would rather die than share the intimacies of your relationship.

Last, if it goes the distance, make sure you know your company’s policies about nepotism. If you decide to get married, one of you might have to transfer to another department or another company.  If it does not work out, try to keep any angst out of the workplace and start looking for another work location if things are too hard for you.

Workplace romances are complicated but if you can keep your head about you, it might make the day more interesting.  However, keep the photocopies of your backside on the copy machine between the two of you.