Trainer Vs. Dom

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Recently while working out I realized
something that I found kind of hilarious. My relationship with my
personal trainer reminds me of a relationship one might have with a Dom.

Though I’m not losing my ass as fast as I’d like to be, I still
notice the influence every day that life with a trainer brings. Too
much bread today? Grab some veggies. Going out drinking? Vodka water,
please. I’ve stopped doing a lot of things because I know I’ll have to
report back to him and I’d rather not have him be disappointed.

Sometimes it’s like having a constant guilt-trip on my shoulder. Not
that I think it’s unnecessary. I agree completely with the point of it,
I wouldn’t be shelling out all the cash if I didn’t. We’re working
together towards a goal and both have vested interests in the success
of said goal.

So onto the comparison. Just like when I was involved in a D/s
relationship with a friend in 2007/08, I am filled with the urge to not
disappoint my trainer. When he recently was reading my nutrition log, I
hated having him read “Booze, Cake, Booze” even though it was from an
Easter celebration and I was totally justified. Just like with a Dom, I
can’t lie to him, though I often wish I could. I’d rather tell someone
the truth and deal with the consequences - whether it’s 10 extra push
ups or 10 hard spanks on the ass.

His encouragement when I’m struggling pushes me through it. Like
being told I’m a good girl for pleasing someone the way they wanted, it
makes me feel the same inside when he tells me I’ve worked really hard,
though thankfully, it doesn’t turn me on. That would be awkward!

There’s no way that a relationship with a trainer could ever fill
the desire I have to be submissive with the right person, but it’s
definitely good filler in between a good spanking.