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Samantha Fraser lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her husband Stéphane Goulet, and their three cats.

Sharing experiences, good and bad, with others is her passion, as is studying people, discussing sex and sexuality, taking pictures, Facebooking and lying under trees without a care in the world.

Born in England, Samantha moved to Nova Scotia, Canada at age 8 and after many moves around various towns has come to call the west end of Toronto, Ontario home.

Never a preacher that non-monogamy is the only way, she remains open to learning about relationship structures and what works for every individual she comes into contact with.

Samantha works for a not for profit new media advocacy organization in Liberty Village, Toronto and loves it. She’s a big fan of analyzing and discussing social taboos, especially sexual ones; studying people and their interactions fascinates her constantly. Considering going into social anthropology, she then just decided to pay nothing and study people on her own.