10 Subtle Secrets French Women Use To Seduce Men

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10 Subtle Secrets French Women Use To Seduce Men

Have you ever looked at a French woman and wondered: What makes her so sexy and so alluring? What is it that gives them that certain je ne sais quoi that appears to come so simply to them?

One woman sought to find out these answers. Jamie Cat Callan, author of the 2009 book, French Women Don’t Sleep Alone, is American, but grew up with a French grandmother.

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She realized that French women had a certain something that Americans just don’t seem to have. So, she went to France to learn how they achieve that seemingly effortless mix of charm and seduction.

How do French women sedeuce men? Here are her ten biggest takeaways: 

1. Stop dating. 

French women don't date — yes, really! Start by getting off the dating treadmill and meet your man in the context of a group of friends and admiring men.

2. Throw a party.

And not just any party — an actual grown-up fete. Let's leave those rowdy college parties with cheap beer and too-loud music in the past. Think more Breakfast at Tiffany's, instead of basically every movie set in college ever.

Besides, what better way is there to prove to everyone you know that you're a sophisticated, wordly woman than with a memorable get-together? Invite both old and new friends. Show off your culinary and entertaining skills.

3. Walk the walk.

French women walk everywhere. Yes, it's great exercise, but they also are doing it to be seen.

When you go for a walk with a potential lover, he doesn’t know it's a date. Plus, he sees other men looking at you, so he knows there's competition.

4. Get offline and get in line.

French women prefer it the old-school way, so shut Tinder down for a little while.

They meet men in museums, bars and at parties (didn't we already mention how important parties are?). Being charming and a little bit seductive is a matter of survival, so they'll chat up everyone.

5. Fraternize on the job.

Ditch the genderless business suit and wear something a bit come-hither.

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But always keep it classy, of course, especially in a work setting. There are plenty of ways to look chic and stand out, without compromising certain in-office dress codes.

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6. Be natural.

The French look is all about natural. This means choosing one body part and showing it off. Less is more, ladies.

7. Say hello to your ex.

You'll never know when you'll need a date or someone to add to your coterie, so there's no reason not to remain cordial, at least.

8. Create a coterie.

This is the all-important group of friends with whom you go to bars, museums and concerts. It's basically a classier, more sophisticated sounding term for "squad."

9. Get smart.

There's truly nothing sexier than intelligence. French women know that being brainy is hot. They never just rely on their stunning looks and great fashion sense to get them through life.

10. You have the right to be moody.

That's right, girl! Express yourself. Don't ever hide any of your emotions. Let yourself be the complicated, beautiful woman that you really are.

You are ze woman. He is ze man. You are passionate! You have ze problem with that? Life is a whole lot more fun when you're not trying to act sane all the time!

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Editor's Note: This article was originally posted in January 2015 and was updated with the latest information.

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