6 Ways To Be Mysterious When Flirting With A Guy Over Text

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How To Be Mysterious When Flirting Over Text

It's usually very hard to maintain mystery when you want to get to know someone you like better. This is because you have to hold back some things about yourself when dealing with this person.

Mystery will keep him thinking about you and craving for your presence.

By learning how to be mysterious, you can keep him eagerly waiting for the opportunity talk to you again.

Therefore, if you like someone you have just met, maintain the mystery for as long as you can to keep him wanting to know more. Even when you're flirting over text.

Text messaging or DMing is one of the best ways to communicate — especially when you want to flirt with someone new.

If the two of you usually communicate like this, writing your texts in a manner that will make you seem mysterious is one of the most effective ways to text a guy and pique his curiosity.

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Not only you can create mystery with your texts, but you can also use these to bring your man to a passionate frenzy.

Here are six ways to be mysterious when you text a guy — all key to flirting over text.

1. Always keep him waiting for the next text.

You're a busy woman with so much to do. As hard as it may be, take at least 30 minutes before you send him the next texts.

If possible, make the interval longer. This will leave him wondering what you're doing that makes you take so long before replying to his messages.

His curiosity will keep him interested. He may even do the "validation text" thing that the dating expert in the video below talks about.

2. Don't be too open about your feelings.

This doesn't mean that you should lie to him about your feelings. Be open, but don't talk about your feelings every time you text him. Don't make it seem so obvious that you're into him.

As much as you like him, minimize the number of times you tell him how much you enjoy spending time with him. If you do, he won't be sure if the feelings still stand today.

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3. Don't reveal too much detail about how you spend your free time.

Don't tell him about your day if he hasn't asked. If he does, don't give too much detail. Let him imagine how your day was by giving him limited amounts of information.

Leave him guessing about what you might be doing. Giving him too many details may make him lose interest in you.

4. Ask him more questions than he asks you.

Men tend to ask more questions than women when texting.

This is because they always want to know more about the person before they decide to be involved with them or not. However, if you want to remain mysterious, make sure you ask him more questions than he asks you.

This will make him feel like you know more about him than he does about you. Don't be bothered if he doesn't answer some texts.

When he feels that you know more about him than he does about you, you will be mysterious. This will make him want to know more about you.

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5. Be passionate about the things you love.

A woman who is passionate about the things she loves will always appear mysterious to a man. Passion will keep him wondering why you love the things you talk about so much.

This doesn't mean you should talk about the things you love in every single text. Mention them sometimes, and make him understand that you're very passionate about them

6. Include his name in texts.

Make sure to include his name when sending him texts to make him believe you aren't playing games, like taking more than 30 minutes to reply to his texts.

As weird as this may seem, this will really help to create mystery. This is because the texts will make him think he's on your mind, but he will wonder why you usually take too long to reply his texts.

If you follow these tips, he will always find you mysterious and you can keep flirting over text. Hopefully followed by lots of flirting in real life!

You will keep him interested and curious to know more about you.

Even better, alternate between being flirty and mysterious to show him how fun and interesting you are.

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