Give Yourself A Hand!

Give Yourself A Hand!

In the shower! In a hot tub! With a vibrator! During a sex dream!

Masturbation: ladies are doing it! Jezebel blogged about a UK study of 1,000 women ages 18 to 30 which found a whopping 92% masturbate!

Two-thirds of women in the Gossard Big M survey touched themselves three times a week and women living in London self-pleasured four times a week.

According to past surveys, 74% masturbated in 1974 and 62% did in 1953. (1953? Who'd have thunk?)

Of course, the study took place across the pond, so we can't be totally sure women here are just as frisky. We'd guess that with the shame surrounding the female body and female pleasure, less American women masturbate. So if you're one of those girls who's not into touching herself, or doesn't know where to start, let us help:

1) Babes In Toyland.  First things first: if you don't own a vibrator, it's time to get one. They're relatively inexpensive, easy to clean, small and easy to hide from roommates/curious toddlers/nosy parents. Babes in Toyland is a very female-positive sex shop and they'll ship you a sex toy in the mail.

2) Solitude. Turn off your phone. Draw the blinds on your bedroom window. If you don't live alone, get a lock on your bedroom door. You need to be able to relax without fear of interruption.

3) Sex For One: The Joy of Self-loving, by Betty Dodson.  A classic. Betty Dodson looks like your grandma, but she's got the best masturbation advice around!

4) Get comfortable. You're likely going to have to move around a lot to find the right position, so put all your softest pillows and blankets in bed.

5) Google. Okay, we know, it's cheesy, but really the Internet's the best sex toy around. Whatever mental image would float your boat, whether it's Ed Westwick or spanking or a schoolgirl fantasy, or getting spanked by Ed Westwick during a schoolgirl fantasy, a little Googling can help!

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