What Do Men Think About Vibrators?

What Do Men Think About Vibrators?

Vibrators: They hold a special place in our hearts and in our night stands. But is your man intimidated by your battery-powered best friend or eager to bring it in for a threesome? We asked men: "What do you think about vibrators?"

"Hot. Can I watch?"
--John, 32, Professor

"I'm jealous. It's hard to compete with a battery-powered machine."
--Adam, 28, Carpenter

"Anytime is the right time"
--Joe, 36, Attorney

"They have their time and their place. It's ok for external use during sex, but I don't want it to replace me."
--Andy, 32, Police officer

"I've never used one with a partner, and I've never been in the presence of one being used. It would be fine, it just hasn't come up."
--Marc, 36, Child psychologist

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"That's like masturbating with power tools. Rock on."
--John, 36, Actor