Ad Execs Caught In Office Sex Scandal

Ad Execs Caught In Office Sex Scandal

Oh Lordy. Office romance just got interesting!

Here's the story: two ad agency art directors were having sex in their Manhattan office one Friday afternoon a few weeks ago. A co-worker noticed, alerted his buddy from IT and the two peepers recorded the 20-minute session with their phones. The buddy then uploaded a 60-second video to his computer, sent it to some officemates and lo, a week later the clip ended up on Gawker.

Agency Spy broke the news about the video Monday, and Gawker got its hands on the footage and posted the clip on Tuesday—complete with a Thanksgiving turkey covering most of the naughty bits.  The clip is still moderately NSFW, but don't worry if you can't watch it—you're not missing much. As sex tapes are wont to be, it's blurry, you can't see the faces of the participants, and the sex is not hot, although it does occur on the floor, suggesting passion… and, well, let's just hope the office carpet is cleaned regularly.

In the Agency Spy comments section people said that both fornicators were cheating on their respective partners. There's no way to know if this is true or not, but there was definitely an element of risk in this sex, an element that contribute to the thrill of an affair. And if these folks work at an ad agency they know the power of images, reputation and what getting caught could do to theirs.

The anonymous cameraman was subsequently fired, but his sexed up co-workers were allowed to stay. Of course, the sex enthusiasts have to deal with the embarrassment of their coitus plastered all over the internet. The blogosphere hasn't figured out their names (or if it has it's exercising unusual restraint), but whoever they are, we bet they won't be engaging in additional office extracurriculars any time soon.

Asylum scored an interview with the anonymous cameraman yesterday, who is taking it all in stride: "My plan is just to keep on trucking and find another job. My true goal is to join an agency as an art director."

There are several lessons to be learned from this:

1. When having sex in your office, do it after hours, close the door, draw the blinds, turn off the lights… make sure no one can see you!

2. When posting a sex video online do it anonymously. If you must tell people, post the clip on youtube and say someone sent it to you.

3. This one comes straight from the mouth, er, fingers, of the cameraman: "Never film two art directors porking in their cubicles at 5pm on a Friday afternoon."