Beyonce On Her Wedding Pictures

Beyonce On Her Wedding Pictures

According to everyone who knows anything about anything, Beyoncé Knowles will not be selling her wedding photos. The Boston Globe says that she finds offers to sell the images "ridiculous." We would have been happier if the offers were "redonkeykong," "outrayjayeous" or even "ludacris."

Though Bey refuses to divulge an amount or which tabloids were offering, she did say the money was crazy. And she would rather not deal with crazy unless it's crazy in love. Even without details, we're sort of relieved that some offer was made. Don't get us wrong, we want nothing to do with other people's wedding photos, even our friends. But to think that Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz were offered big bucks for their wedding and Beyoncé and Jay-Z had no gossip rag love really bugged us. How many records do you have to sell to get your wedding up in People? We even heard that Bey's dad, Mr. Knowles, was shopping the rights around and didn't get much of a nibble. That seemed a spot uneven and possibly a bit racist. We're glad Beyoncé sorted it out and was just keeping an eye out for her family's privacy.

At least she's admitting that she and Jay-Z are an item. It took a hush-hush wedding for them to even admit they were more than friends. The public finally got what they wanted. We can only hope that Rihanna and Chris Brown lose interest in this sort of charade.

Speaking of people getting what they want, according to Bossip, Beyoncé fans have been clamoring for the R&B diva to play a film part other than a singer. And they may be getting their wish as the Knowles crew is trying to get Beyoncé the part as Wonder Woman. The Amazonian super heroine is generally depicted as being Caucasian and possibly of Greek decent. We're not going to get too excited about Wonder Woman rumors since the Megan Fox thing fizzled. And since Ridikilis wasn't able to sell enough Donaghy Estates Sparkling Wine to get Jack that clear airplane.

Also, some contingent of the Beyoncé fanbase must have been clamoring for her to step out of her shell a little. Because we've all been thrown kicking and screaming into the Sasha Fierce era. Great going on someone's part. We hope to that this turns out better than the RZA as Bobby Digital or Garth Brooks as Garth Brooks. Maybe she'll all this Sasha Fierce and Wonder Woman talk will make her forget about that weird arms up pose she does for the cameras.

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