Chris Brown’s Mom Says He Dates Rihanna

Chris Brown’s Mom Says He Dates Rihanna

Rihanna and Chris Brown may finally be "outed" by Joyce Hawkins.

Here's a little advice courtesy of Marvin Gaye, "People say believe half of what you see, Son, and none of what you hear." But when Chris Brown's mom says that Rihanna is "the sexiest and sweetest girl Chris has ever dated," we're inclined to believe at least some of what we hear. E!Online reports that Joyce Hawkins (Brown's mom) made those comments after the BET awards this weekend. OK, we know that Jay-Z and Beyonce were able to 'fool' the media and public years about their relationship and it's very nice to aspire to be like them, but let's stop being ridiculous about this. They lack the security apparatus that Shawn Carter has and, evidently, the ability to keep friends and family members on message. We're guessing that this obfuscation of obvious facts is more from the Umbrella camp than Team Brown. In the last year, Rihanna denied a relationship with Shia LaBeouf (that scamp) and heartthrob Josh Hartnett. Understandable, one of them is a smoker and the other one is of the finest swordsman of his generation. Who would want to deal with that?

But Chris Brown is a nice guy, and likely a nonsmoker. And there are oodles of pictures of them hugging and making late night runs for the border and recreating in hotel swimming pools. Marvin Gaye had another great piece of advice, "Let's get it on." Make it happen, gang. We've got a feeling this thing will only be confirmed with a wedding or pregnancy.

We’ve thought of a few reasons that they might be trying to keep this under wraps, do you think any are valid?

1) Record sales tank when artists officially get together.
2) Jay-Z and Beyonce are the coolest, let's be like them. Get ready for like 40 singles hinting at their relationship.
3) They're desperately trying to avoid a lame couple name like Brohanna or Richri.
4) They are just friends... with benefits? Do people still say that?
5) One or both are gay.