Teacher Guilty Of Student Lesbian Love Affair

Teacher Guilty Of Student Lesbian Love Affair

News outlets and its viewers never tire of a good, old-fashioned teacher/student sex story. An educator preying on a kid who's barely gone through puberty? Ick. It's like a car crash. Too morbid to look away.

While most of the notorious Hot For Teacher stories revolve around heterosexual couples, a 28-year-old female teacher in Australia was found guilty today of having sexual relations with her 14-year-old female student. The lesbian affair took place back in 2003, when Amanda Louise Thompson was a brand new, married high school teacher in Brisbane, Australia.

The student of her affections was reportedly a troubled teen with an eating disorder, drug problems, and a habit of self-harm. According to the court, what started as an innocuous friendship quickly turned into a two-year lesbian love affair. The two would meet at parks, spend the night at each other's houses (where were the parents?!), write love letters to each other, and even took a vacation alone to Bribie Island.

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Of course, there was plenty of too much information leaked to the courts. I'll indulge because it will make this entry more colorful. Thompson, taking a note from President Clinton, penetrated the girl with a lollipop, necklace, and bangle (please don't think too hard about the mechanics of the two last items) often times while the girl's parents slept in the next room.


Ironically, the student's grades improved and her other problems diminished. Looks like all it took was some sexual healing?

I suspect things didn't end well between the odd couple. While an initial investigation took place in 2005 (when I assume the two were still cavorting on islands and finding creative uses for jewelry), nothing was discovered. Yet in 2006 the student swiftly went to officials to rat out her lesbian lover in crime.


The teacher faces a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, indeed.