Teacher Guilty Of Student Lesbian Love Affair

Teacher Guilty Of Student Lesbian Love Affair

A teacher is found guilty of a lesbian affair with her female student. Sucio!

News outlets and its viewers never tire of a good, old-fashioned teacher/student sex story. An educator preying on a kid who's barely gone through puberty? Ick. It's like a car crash. Too morbid to look away.

While most of the notorious Hot For Teacher stories revolve around heterosexual couples, a 28-year-old female teacher in Australia was found guilty today of having sexual relations with her 14-year-old female student. The lesbian affair took place back in 2003, when Amanda Louise Thompson was a brand new, married high school teacher in Brisbane, Australia.

The student of her affections was reportedly a troubled teen with an eating disorder, drug problems, and a habit of self-harm. According to the court, what started as an innocuous friendship quickly turned into a two-year lesbian love affair. The two would meet at parks, spend the night at each other's houses (where were the parents?!), write love letters to each other, and even took a vacation alone to Bribie Island.

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