Women Get A Rise No Matter Their Size

queen latifah
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Study shows plus-size women lose their virginity the same time as smaller women.

Seventeen is the magic age for a young lady's loss of virginity and seven is the average "number" for a woman -- whether she is overweight or of a more slender size.

A study of 6,700 women out of Oregon and Hawaii also shows zaftig gals sleep with the same number of sexual partners per year, as well as during their lifetime, according to the Seattle Times. The study examined the hetereosexual activity of women ages 15 to 44 from a variety of racial and economic backgrounds and, cleverly, weeded out all the pregnant ladies.

Surprising, right?  It just goes to show you the cultural stigma against bigger women -- whether they're simply not Kate Bosworth-sized, like me, or unhealthily obese -- skews our perception about whether these women are sexual beings. Men often say they love curves on the ass, hips and boobs -- something to squeeze and kiss. But you wouldn't know that from looking at America's so-called "attractive" stick figures like Bosworth, Nicole Ritchie, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Lindsay Lohan in her pre-Ronson days. Those are the women our media say are sexy, despite the fact each looks like she might karate-chop-like snap in half were anyone to give her a frisky spank.   The reality?  A higher BMI -- or body mass index -- might be considered voluptuous. Naturally voluptuous, that is.

However, physicians, especially gynecologists, can benefit from the findings of this study as well. As the author of the study, Bliss Kaneshiro, a gynecologist at the University of Hawaii at Honalulu, explained:

"Physicians and others can come in with a preconceived notion about sexual activity based on body weight...This tells us we should really be treating women of all body weights equally." 

Good news. HIV tests, Gardasil shots and pap smears for all!