Nick & Norah's Orgasm Weirdness

"Infinite Playlist" has a subplot about orgasms.

nick and nora's infinite playlist

Warning: this post kinda contains a spoiler about the movie, but chillax, you'll live!

I saw the teen film Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist over the weekend. The first half of the film was everything I wanted: Kat Dennings' (Norah) amazing, amazing lips; schmoopy Michael Cera (Nick), who I just wanted to give big mama bear squeeze to; a great supporting role from a busted-ass car even worse than the '83 VW I used to drive; fun music.


Then this weird sub-plot about Norah never having had an orgasm before appeared halfway through the film and I was, like, "Whaaaaaaaaat?"

Here's how it went down: Norah has a crush on Nick and that pisses off Tris, a deceitful little reptile who happens to be Nick's ex-girlfriend. Tris is trying to mess with Norah's head, so she corners her in a convenience store and tells her the word on the street is despite having had a friend-with-benefits for three years, Norah has never had an orgasm before. (Jeez, I remember girls in high school being mean, but never that mean.) Norah sputters, embarrassed, and denies it but clearly Tris's gossip is correct and Norah is ashamed about it.


But, of course, by the end of the film, Nick and Norah get together, he gropes her boobies, fingers her on a couch and she has her very first orgasm. It's really very cute!

While the feminist in me yelped "hooray for having your first orgasm, Norah!" and did a fist pump, the cranky lady who paid $12 for a movie ticket on Saturday night rolled my eyes at the sub-plot. Really, Hollywood, we're supposed to believe this Norah character knows her way around every indie rock club on NYC's Lower East Side but she couldn't find her way to a Babes in Toyland sex shop? And she's so assertive, but she was with a guy for three years and they never managed to figure out how to make her come? And then she comes after two minutes on a couch with a guy she only met that night? Just doesn't add up to reality.

Don't get me wrong: I'm not complaining about the orgasmic sub-plot, per se. I'm really happy Hollywood showed a smart, witty teenage girl enjoying safe sexual activity with a respectful, sweet guy. (Nick doesn't get off as well, actually, just Norah.) That was refreshing; I just found the circumstances unbelievable.

Did any Tango readers see Nick & Norah this weekend? What did you think about the orgasm sub-plot? Am I overreacting here?


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