The Orgasm Shot

You want me to stick a needle where?

orgasm shot

With the prick of a needle, your G-spot will be rocked harder than ever the next time you're lucky enough to get laid.

So says London's Daily Mail, in an article about Caroline Cushworth, who splurged on a $1,600 dollar 'orgasm jab.' It's a lip plumper-like shot of collagen inside -- yes, inside the vagina -- that guarantees a lady orgasms with every roll in the hay by enlarging the "pea-sized" G-spot for four, count'em, four months.


Color me fascinated...but also skeptical. How safe is it, really, to shoot collagen directly onto one's G-spot (assuming you've found the bugger)? I'm embarrassed to say I own Victoria Secret's Very Voluptuous Lip Plumper, which contains topical collagen, and you simply slick it on your lips, not inject it. If your G-spot is stimulated for four straight months, won't you be turned on all the time? Hmm, if there was ever the potential for a Viagra-like six-hour-long hard-on mishap in a woman....

I'm all for more and better orgasms, but suspicious of a quick fix, especially given the Daily Mail's wholehearted endorsement in their in their trademark skeptically-reported style, such as:


"as Caroline can testify, the results are tremendous..."

The piece also lists the web site and number of "the UK's only cosmetic gynecologist approved to administer the shot," with no alternative viewpoint saying there might be any downside to enlarging one's fun button for four months. (Hey, there might not be!) But we did a little Googling and found in the "Safety" section of

G Spot Amplificationâ„¢ or G-Shot is not an approved use of collagen by the FDA and is an off-label use....Despite the stringent donor screening involved in the preparation of the collagen, the transmission of infectious agents cannot be entirely excluded.

Aha...I guess not being approved by America's FDA is such a niggling little detail. Nevertheless, apparently the G-shot's been available in the States for years...has anyone gotten it? Tell us in the comments section below!


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